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Our Mission

We’re GoodQues (like Good Ques-tion)

We’re here to help brands 

by empowering them with

human understanding.


P.S. It’s pronounced “ques”

like Good-Question

Using human-centricity to drive brand devotion.

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GoodQues is best known for inspiring brands with raw human insight, extracted through the modern execution of quantitative and qualitative research. Our creativity breaks through consumer research barriers such as fatigued panels, inauthentic responses, and the Say-Do Gap.


More Thoughtfulness

Respondents report feeling 50% more thoughtful in their responses in GoodQues studies that incorporate meditative breathing.


More Context

By adjusting the tonality of a study, we regularly see response length increase by 2.2x in quantitative open-ends, versus traditional, non-copy adjusted studies.


Less “I Don’t Know’s”

In quantitative studies, GoodQues sees 50% less people selecting “I don’t know,” choosing to engage with the survey!


More Attention

1 in 2 respondents find traditional surveys boring & say they don’t relate to them; 71% of respondents admit to paying more attention to GoodQues survey questions.


More Emotion

74% of respondents say GoodQues survey questions are better at letting them express how they genuinely feel than traditional studies.


More Descriptive

Respondents use up to 83% more words to answer open-ended questions in GoodQues quantitative studies versus traditional studies.



Our segmentation-based typing tools achieve 90% match rates, surpassing the industry standard of around 60%. How? More resonant questions = better quality data!

Proof that human-first is best

Our Approach

Human research puts

at the center of...


the audience

Most Research Companies:

One-size-fits-all research - every audience, every brand gets the same language, style and format.


Research fitted to the audience - language, style and format modified to make the audience feel understood and engaged.

And what is


way, you ask?

01 Human-centric Research Design

A vast body of proven tactics is baked into our qualitative and quantitative research design. From copywriting to applying psychotherapy techniques, we create connective, emotive research experiences.

02 Rigorous Analysis, Aided by AI

Our team of brand strategists, analysts, dog-lovers and nerds are aided by AI tools; enhancing GoodQues efficiency, helping to mitigate bias, powering discovery and synthesizing big data sets.

03 Storied, Inspiring Human Output

Clients are people too; you want research that informs AND inspires. We deliver data stories instead of staid, boring statistics. Our outputs are filled to the brim with headlines, analogies, charts and visual-aids to help tell the human story.

A sampling of human-centered techniques unlocking respondent authenticity

Gamified experiences

Broaching difficult topics through gamification

Therapy tactics

Asking questions like a therapist to reveal truths

Resonant copy

Copywriting our studies to connect to the audience

GoodQues “Regulars”

Turn to us if you need your brand to resonate and be more resilient.


We exist to shift the relationship

from: corporate-driven

to: human-centric

Human-centricity reveals motivations, inner monologues, hidden apprehensions, and unsaid truths. Why? So your business can produce resonant messaging, solidify distinctiveness, identify a stronger product-market fit, and outmaneuver the competition.

Some of our capabilities!